Thanks for checking out The Craft by Sharon Blain. I’m so glad you are here. I’ve got a special message for you…

Here’s what The Craft is all about:

  • My Craft team have been busier than Santa’s elves putting together a re-imagined CERT III & IV + exceptional short courses in Hairdressing & Beauty
  • It is the most spectacular, eclectic, and outside the box education program ever seen nationally and internationally
  • The most exciting part is that it can be delivered by your local TAFE or College, making it accessible, affordable and a total game-changer in the world of industry education & qualifications  
  • But they aren’t just new UNITS mapped to the training packages – this is OUTSTANDING training delivered by Global Masters from around the world.
  • Think Sassoon Academy and you are on the right track!
  • YES – you will be learning straight from the top team at Sassoon’s, along with many other industry icons – icons that my generation of hairdressers only dreamed of getting our qualifications with!
  • And this is just the start – stay tuned for the incredible list of international educators coming your way at your local TAFE or College

Whether you are a budding Apprentice, a bang on Barber, or a Seasoned Stylist, we have a full qualification or short course that can literally transform your career.

The education will be current, relevant and of the highest skill standard. It will also have a large online component so there are no obstacles to your learning journey.

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